Dashing Panthers

              2011 Brown


                                                                             The Signature

                                            Meter Me Gone        Lady Meter Reader

         Panther Mountain                                        Dash For Cash

                                            Cash This Runner     Running Blood

                                                                              Dash For Cash

                                             First Down Dash      First Prize Rose

          Dashing Serenade                                      Real Easy Jet

                                              Punky Purim            Atara

            Gotfredson Ranch Inc.                           

Ed & Elaine Gotfredson                             Eric & Krista Gotfredson   

95 N State Highway 59                              406-554-3059 home

Olive, Montana 59343                               

406-554-3452 home

406-853-3709 cell



                Addie O Toole

             1996 Chestnut


                                                                               Jody Chick

                                            Jodys Glory                Lassie Be Good

          Jody O Toole                                                Barney O Toole

                                            Jetta O Toole              Jet 76

                                                                               Mitey Effort

                                             Mitey Easy Dash       Belles And Bows

          Go Easy Mary                                               Go Man Go

                                             Mary Go Go               Hy Mary

              Lil Gourmet Dish  TB

              2006 Bay

                    Owned by Jerrica Gotfredson


                                                                                  Key To The Mint

                                                Sauce Boat                Missy Baba

             Gourmet                                                       George Lewis

                                                Deep Dish Pie           Royca

                                                                                  At The Threshold

                                                Lil E Tee                    Eileen's Moment

             Lil Bit O The Best                                         Captain Courageous

                                                Bestoftheprairie         Dust Angel

             Pepi Dancer

              2008 Bay

                     Owned By Jerrica Gotfredson


                                                                            Holland Ease

                                       Corona Cartel               Corona Chick

          Cartel Dancer                                            Takin On The Cash

                                       Takin On The Dancer   Gorgeous Dancer

                                                                             Crafty Prospector

                                        Prospectors Gamble    Fannie C.

          Pepi Explodent TB                                     Explodent

                                        Ahsoloud                      Chinese Rose

Quarter Mares