Fast Money Jet                         

               2007 Homozygous Black Tobiano Stallion

               Owned by Hideaway Ranch   


                                                                                  Easy Jet

                                             Easy Jet Too                Indian Music

              Chasin The Money                                      Western Native

                                             Westen Morning           Easy Morning Music

                                                                                  Easy Six

                                              Six Fols                       Long Chance

               Six Fols Ruby                                             Treasured

                                              Treasurette                  Painted Morning


           Cashs Lineage         Deceased                         

               2006 Homozygous Black Tobiano Stallion   


                                                                                        Dash For Cash

                                                   Dash McCall                 Decketta

                EP Cash Oreo                                                 Jet Lark

                                                   Leolas Lark                   Dashin Dame

                                                                                        Special Lineage

                                                   Judys Lineage               Judys Chick

                Judy B Bug                                                       Be A Prospect

                                                   Bugs Prospect               Rubys Bug

Breeding & Raising APHA, AQHA & Thoroughbreds

           Heza Fast Ranger                        

               2005 Sorrel Stallion



                                                                                  Noholme ii

                                             The Signature               Mable Chick Too

             Heza Fast Man                                             Fast Jet

                                             Fast Copy                     Can't Copy

                                                                                   Forty Niner

                                              Maeked Tree                Lazer Show

               Ranger Dawn                                              Grey Dawn ii

                                              Dawn's Destiny            Swing It

           Cutthroat Bill       Deceased                                 

               2010 AQHA Sorrel Stallion   


                                                                                       Dash For Cash

                                                   First Down Dash         First Prize Rose

                Bill Cole                                                          Runaway Winner

                                                   Runaway Wave           In The Curl

                                                                                       Victory Dash

                                                   Toast To Dash             A Toast To Jet

                 Genuine Lawyer                                            Streakin La Jolla

                                                   Miss Lawyer La Jolla   Lisa Might


Gotfredson Ranch has been raising quality horses for over 45 years. Our horses have found success in many different arenas. We have put together a top notch mare bunch to produce the winners plus several outstanding stallions for the bloodlines to succeed! 

Ray Hunt played a big part in our philosophy of working with horses and their minds. We treat our horses like horses and they excell on our beautiful grasslands and rolling hills. You are always welcome to come to the ranch and see our horses in person.

            Gotfredson Ranch Inc.                           

Ed & Elaine Gotfredson                             Eric & Krista Gotfredson   

95 N State Highway 59                              406-554-3059 home

Olive, Montana 59343                                406-853-8235 cell


406-554-3452 home

406-853-3709 cell

Raising Horses with Speed to do any Job!

           Da Mud Dog                 Deceased 2016       

               2009 Chestnut Thoroughbred Stallion   


                                                                                  Storm Bird

                                             Storm Cat                     Terlingua

              Cats And Dogs                                            Alydar

                                             Alpargata                      Too Chic

                                                                                   Arrow Press

                                              Pancho Press              Geronima

               Solo Press                                                   Hempen

                                              Heather Lane               Too Much Time

We would also like to bring your attention to some mighty fine mares from the Hideaway Ranch listed on the Mares page. Hank and Pat Sifford have worked all of their lives raising some top-notch APHA paints. Fast Money Jet is a stallion they raised, a homoqygous black tobiano, super disposition...we have the privilege of using him on some of our mares. Please don't hesitate to contact Hank & Pat Sifford at 406-664-3314 or email      Thank you!